NOTE: Procedure Change as of 7/30/2015

We have revised our Account to Account External Transfer options. From this point forward, you will only be permitted to do deposit and withdrawal transfers to and from your Bayer Heritage FCU savings account. Transfers directly into Bayer Heritage FCU checking accounts and vacation accounts will no longer be an option. Once BHFCU receives funds from another institution which have been deposited into your savings account, you can transfer to your checking or vacation account via online banking. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause for you. We have established this procedure to protect both our members and the credit union to reduce the risk of any type of fraudulent activity. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us at 800-272-6003 extension 1492.

External Account Transfers

Our new CU@Home Online Banking offers members a powerful tool to set up transfers to and from external (non BHFCU) accounts. If you did not use the External Account Transfer feature in our previous CU@Home online banking, you will need to contact the credit union to view the External Transfers option and have it enabled on your account. If you attempt to utilize this feature without prior authorization, you will receive an error message instructing you to contact the credit union.

Once initial authorization has been set up on your account, click on the Transfers tab and then click on the External Transfers link on the online banking menu. 

If your account has been activated for External Account Transfers, the External Accounts window displays. To add an external account, simply click either the Add External Account link or the Set Up Now link:

When the Add External Accounts window displays, please enter the requested information regarding the external financial institution and then click Next to continue. (For checking accounts, the routing/transit number and the account number can be found at the bottom of the check; refer to the second illustration below.)

If the external account is another credit union and the share is a savings account, the account number is made up of the account number plus the share ID (no spaces and no hyphen). For example, if the account number is 12345 and the share ID is 01, the account number for A2A would be 1234501. A confirmation window displays to review the information.

If the information is correct, please click Save and a verification email will be sent to your email address on file. If the information is not correct, please click Cancel to return to the External Accounts window and perform this procedure again.

Once the information is correct and you click Save, the system automatically sends two "micro" deposits (the amounts of which are defined by the credit union) to the external account. You will need to monitor that external account and then return to CU@Home Online Banking to confirm the deposits were received. This process typically takes two or three days. Please return to the External Accounts window and click the Verify link on the same line as the external account:

When the External Account Verify window displays, enter the amounts of the two deposits and click Submit.

If the amounts entered match the expected amounts (the amounts automatically transferred by the system), a message indicating the external account was verified displays above the External Accounts window. The Status column now displays "Active" and two links display in the Transfer column for the external account. In addition, an email is sent to confirm the success of the transfers.

If the amounts entered do not match the expected amounts, an error message displays.

If an external account was locked due to too many invalid verification attempts (as shown in the "Status" below), you will need to delete it and begin again. In addition, an email is sent if the account has been rejected due to too many invalid verification attempts. 

Once the external account is verified, the Start Transfer From and Start Transfer To links will be available in the Transfer column of the External Accounts window. Click the desired link to make a transfer. 

The Add External Account Transfer window displays. Enter the transfer amount, the specific share or loan, the frequency, and any applicable start or end dates.

Complete all the information and click Next. A confirmation window displays to show the transfer details. To finalize the transfer click Submit.

As transfers are created, the External Accounts window updates to show a link under each account indicating the number of transfers. To view details on the transfers, click the link:

The External Account Transfer window displays to show the details of each transfer:

If you have any questions, please contact our Member Contact Center at 1-800-272-6003 and select option 2.