How To Spot A Tech Support Scam

Scammers have been taking advantage of people who care about computer security. They run operations in the US and overseas that use pop-up messages and phone calls to convince people that their computers need fixing. Find out how to protect yourself below:

How To Spot A Tech Support Scam

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Free courses cover: Online Shopping, ATM Safety, Home Firewalls, Secure Transactions, Online Fraud, Passwords, Wireless Security, Vishing, Old Computer Disposal, Social Media Danger, Identity Theft Prevention and more.

Take advantage of these free resources and check your knowledge with online quizzes.

Our Fraud Squad is here to provide the resources you need - because an informed member is a protected member. 

Avoiding the Latest Scams

  1. Beware of new "can you hear me" scam. 

  2. How to spot scammers who pretend to be IRS officials to get you to send them money: IRS Imposter Scams

  3. How to avoid imposters who promise romance to users of online dating sites to trick them into sending money: Online Romance Imposter Scams

Your Bayer Heritage FCU Accounts Are Protected

Your savings are secure at Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union. Our highly trained staff uses the latest procedures and most effective security programs to ensure the safety of your money. Plus, your savings at Bayer Heritage FCU are insured by the NCUA to at least $250,000.

Because criminals never sleep, Bayer Heritage FCU is always scanning for fraud and other criminal attempts to steal your money and personal information. Unfortunately, financial institutions across the U.S. and around the world are seeing a spike in the amount of fraudulent activity and growing sophistication of these scams. Too often, the victims are tricked into helping these criminals.

Be Vigilant, Not Vulnerable

Experts agree that fraud can only happen to you with YOUR participation. To better ensure the safety of your accounts, all members need to stay on the alert for fraud.

In short, everyone bears responsibility to avoid becoming a victim of fraud. There are simple things you can do to detect fraud and defend yourself. Click on the links below to learn more about how you and Bayer Heritage FCU can protect your accounts and your identity.

Fraud and Your Responsibilities
Fraud is everybody's problem but it's your job to educate yourself, be aware, and avoid fraud.

Your Account Security
Take some simple precautions to protect your account. Guard your passwords, be wary of inquiries for confidential information, and take precautions whenever you access your account online.

Protect Your Identity
Although money can sometimes be recovered, damage to a stolen identity is difficult to repair. Learn to protect your identity from online and real-world thieves.

Keep Secure Online and On The Phone
We are constantly working to make your online transactions even safer and to protect your identity and account security. 

Multi-Factor Authentication
Because we take your online security seriously, we have implemented Multi-Factor Authentication for our online CU@Home and Bill Payer systems.

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