Enjoy the Holidays by Planning Ahead

One of the biggest financial fears many of us have is trudging to the mailbox in January to find it overflowing with bills from our Christmas shopping sprees. Many people promise they’ll be better prepared next year, only to find themselves in the same predicament once again. Bayer Heritage FCU's Christmas Club Savings Account is a great way to avoid this financial strain and make the month of January a joy once again!

Holidays are a lot more fun if the money is ready when your shopping begins. If you didn't have a Christmas Club account for last year, don't make that same mistake again. By using our convenient payroll deduction or by making regular deposits into this account, you will be well prepared for the next holiday shopping season. And while you're saving, your deposits are earning dividends.

Start Saving for the Holidays Today!

  • Christmas Club may be opened at any time
  • No minimum balance or minimum monthly deposit
  • Automatic transfer of your Christmas Club funds to your savings or checking account on October 1
  • Dividends credited monthly
  • Early withdrawal penalties apply

For additional information call Member Services: 

1-800-272-6003 x 1477 (or Option 2)