Automatically Round Your Purchases Up With Coin Catcher and SAVE!

It's An Easy Way To Save!

As a BHFCU member, you can enroll in our Coin Catcher and have the "digital change" from your debit card transactions automatically rounded up to the next dollar amount. The extra "change" is then automatically deposited into a share account of your choice or even donated to Children's Miracle Network. Whether you want to build your own Savings, Vacation or Christmas Club account, save for your children's education or donate to CMN - Coin Catcher can help.

Our Coin Catcher Service Offers Many Great Benefits:

  • Nice even numbers when balancing your checkbook.
  • Convenient way to save small amounts which accumulate quickly.
  • No additional requirements on your part. Simply sign up and watch your savings build.
  • Tracks all debit transactions for the day, accrues all of your "change" and makes one transfer that night.
  • Automatically deposits your "change" in the share account of your choice: Savings, Vacation, Christmas Club, etc.
  • Provides the option to donate your extra "change" to Children's Miracle Network - one of our Charities of Choice.

Contact the Credit Union at 1-800-272-6003 or stop in any branch office to enroll.

*Member has option to set maximum daily transfer amount. 
*Coin Catcher will not take member negative if money is not available in account to transfer.