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Enhancements include Bill Pay for Mobile, Secure Messaging and Spending Graphs and...

We're now offering a new Check Stop feature! This will allow members to cancel issued (but not yet processed) checks and choose a reason of lost, stolen or cancel. Each check must be cancelled individually and a fee will be assessed for each check.


Bayer HFCU's new Mobile Banking app for iPhone®, iPad® and AndroidTM devices already allows you to check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and view account activity. Now you are also able to deposit checks on the go! Remote Capture is a brand new feature available on Bayer HFCU’s Mobile Banking App that allows you to enjoy the convenience of depositing a check to your BHFCU account anytime, anywhere! Using the camera on your mobile device and Bayer HFCU’s Mobile Banking App, you can make deposits to your checking or savings account quickly and securely.

Remote Capture is easy to use with your phone’s camera. Just make sure you have the most up-to-date version of our Mobile Banking App and follow these simple steps to deposit your checks:

  1. Open Bayer HFCU’s Mobile Banking App and login to your account.
  2. Select the “Mobile Deposit” tab on your phone or iPad. Note: by making a deposit, you agree to the Terms and Conditions. This information is available as a link within the app or by reading the Disclosure Agreement,
    which can be found here or at the bottom of this page. 
  3. Select the account you would like to deposit the check into and enter the amount of the check you are depositing.
  4. You’re now ready to take pictures of your check. Select “Take Photo of Check FRONT” and use your camera to take a picture of the front of the check. Once you have the picture of the front of the check you will then be able to select “Take Photo of Check BACK” and take that picture. Make sure you properly endorsed the check and write "For Mobile Deposit Only" on the back of the check below your signature. Also, use the on-screen guides to align the endorsement within the picture box.
  5. After you have taken pictures of both the front and back of the check you can complete your transaction by selecting “Submit”. You will receive a confirmation pop up message that your deposit has been received. 
  6. Once you receive your confirmation message, it is recommended that you retain the check in your personal files for 30 days.

It's that easy! For more information visit our Remote Capture FAQs or call us at 1-800-272-6003.

Download our app today and have access to your funds anytime, anywhere!

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