What is Payroll Deduction?

Payroll Deduction is a free service used to allocate money from your payroll check directly to your accounts or to a loan. 

Why should I use Payroll Deduction? 

It’s easy to set up and is also a convenient and secure way to make regular deposits to your accounts or payments to your loans. You’ll avoid trips to the credit union and save money by not using stamps and envelopes. It gives you peace of mind; loan payments are made even when you are out of town. Payroll Deduction also makes saving easy. Your specified amount is deposited into the savings account of your choice without you ever having to touch it. Out of sight is out of mind. 

What is the difference between Direct Deposit & Payroll Deduction? 

With Direct Deposit, your entire payroll check is deposited at the credit union. Payroll Deduction gives you the added benefit of allocating a portion of your paycheck to specified savings accounts or loans.

Payroll Deduction

It's a great way to establish a no excuses savings plan and to make loan payments automatically!

For additional information call Member Services: 

1-800-272-6003 x 1477 (or Option 2)