Safe and Secure!

Wire transfers are a safe and secure way to move funds to or from an account at another financial institution. These financial to financial institution transfers are not subject to holds and provide quick access to your money. (See Fee Schedule for cost)

To send funds from your account here at Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union:

  • Contact the receiving institution for accurate wiring instructions
  • Verify whether the receiving account is a checking, savings or loan
  • Provide us with an account number for the beneficiary of the funds 
  • Provide us with the name and address of the account holder exactly as it appears on the account

To receive funds into your account here at Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union:

  • Do not give the other institution your routing and account number from the bottom of your check. Funds will not post and will be returned.
  • Provide our routing instructions to the financial institution as shown below
  • Funds will be deposited directly to your account.

Incoming Wire Transfer Instructions

R&T/ABA = 244084264

Corporate One FCU

8700 Orion Place

Columbus, OH 43240

For credit to:

Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union

17612 Energy Road

Proctor, WV 26055

Account#: 243475829

Final credit to: (Your name)

Acct#: (Your account number)

For additional information call E Services: 

1-800-272-6003 x 1492