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Coin catcher update:

On June 3, 2024, BHFCU’s Coin Catcher program experienced an update that may affect your account. Going forward our Coin Catcher program will round up all debit card transactions on an account enrolled in the program. This means that any debit card transaction on an enrolled Checking account, regardless of the name on the debit card, will have its total rounded to the nearest dollar and transferred to the share that was previously specified.

If you received a Coin Catcher update notice in the mail, your account will be automatically re-enrolled, and no changes are needed on your part. For individual account owners, this change will not impact your account. For joint account owners, due to the inclusion of all debit card transactions on the account, we recommend reviewing the maximum transfer limit (if any) previously specified for the program, as this change could increase total transfer amounts.


Below is a reminder of how the Coin Catcher program works. If you wish to unenroll in this feature or add/change the maximum transfer limit, please contact our Member Services Department at 1-800-272-6003 ext. 1477.


Automatically Round Your Purchases Up with Coin Catcher and Save!

Wouldn’t it be nice to save without having to think about it? When you enroll in Coin Catcher, you can have your debit card purchases rounded to the nearest dollar and the digital change saved in whatever share account you want! You can even choose to donate all that change to The Children’s Miracle Network and really make a difference. There’s so many benefits you haven’t even thought of too, like:

  • Nice even numbers when balancing your checkbook.
  • A convenient way to save small amounts which accumulate quickly.
  • No additional requirements on your part. Simply sign up and watch your savings build.
  • Coin Catcher tracks all your debit transactions for the day, accrues your "change" and makes one easy-to-track transfer that night.
  • It will automatically deposit your "change" in the share account of your choice: Savings, Vacation, Christmas Club, etc.
  • Provide you the option to help others by donating your extra "change" to The Children's Miracle Network – just one of our Charities of Choice.

Contact the Credit Union at 1-800-272-6003 or stop in any branch office to enroll.


*Member has option to set maximum daily transfer amount.
*Coin Catcher will not take member negative if money is not available in account to transfer.
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