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Trusted Contact

Protect Your Money With A Trusted Contact

Choosing a Trusted Contact can help you prevent fraud and scams without giving up control of your finances. Here are some tips when making this very important decision:

Choose Someone You Trust

Choose someone reliable like a family member, close friend, or attorney. Consider naming a Trusted Contact that does not have access to your finances.

Ask Your Credit Union

Ask a Bayer Heritage FCU representative to walk you through our Trusted Contact Policy, including when we will alert your Trusted Contact and what information we will share in different situations. If you are uncomfortable with something, ask if you can change or limit what a staff member will share.

Keep it Updated

Contact Bayer Heritage FCU at 800-272-6003 if you want to change or remove a trusted contact.


Sign Up 

Print the Trusted Contact Form, fill it out, and return it to your local Bayer Heritage FCU branch.


What is a Trusted Contact Person?

A Trusted Contact Person is a person the member designates that we may contact if we are concerned the member is experiencing fraud, a health crisis, or another emergency that affects their financial affairs. The member should choose someone they trust who is reliable and has their best interests at heart. They can choose a family member, friend, attorney, or someone else. They should consider choosing multiple trusted contacts, in case the first person is unavailable or is involved in a suspicious situation.

When will BHFCU contact the Trusted Contact Person?

We may (but are not required to) contact the Trusted Contact Person under the following circumstances: 

  • we have questions or concerns about the member’s health (capacity and well-being, etc.), welfare (endangerment, self-neglect, etc.), or possible financial exploitation or fraud;
  • we need to confirm their contact information;
  • we need to confirm the identity of a new individual or entity that has been given legal authority to act for them (for example, an agent to whom they have given power of attorney, a successor trustee of a trust for which the member is trustee, or a court-appointed guardian, conservator, or executor);
  • or we cannot contact the member. 

Because they have the ability to designate multiple trusted contacts, it is recommend that they establish a “primary” contact for the credit union to contact first, before other named trusted contacts and/or if the primary is unavailable or involved in a suspicious situation.

What information will we provide to the Trusted Contact Person?

If any of the above circumstances occur, BHFCU may contact and provide information about the member and their account(s) to Trusted Contact Person. However, if we suspect the Trusted Contact Person may be involved in the fraud or financial exploitation, we will not contact the Trusted Contact Person. The Trusted Contact CANNOT view the member’s Account or make any transactions or decisions about the account unless they have some other legal authority (such as guardianship or POA). We recommend choosing someone other than a guardian, trustee, executory or POA as the Trusted Contact.

Do they have to designate a Trusted Contact Person?

Authorizing a Trusted Contact Person is optional. However, given the increase in fraud and financial exploitation, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, NCUA, and other regulatory agencies have recommended that credit unions offer a Trusted Contact program to help prevent fraud and protect consumers. Most consumers support the concept of a Trusted Contact Person. Ultimately, however, it is the member’s decision whether or not to appoint a Trusted Contact Person.

What if the member changes their mind or wants to change their Trusted Contact Person?

The member can always revoke their decision to have a Trusted Contact Person. They can also change their Trusted Contact Person at any time by filling out a new form, which will replace and supersede any previous form.

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