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Online Security & Fraud Info

Rest assured, your Bayer Heritage FCU accounts are protected.

Our experienced staff continually monitor your accounts as well as our internal systems for any signs of fraud or criminal attempts to steal money or personal and sensitive information.  And as a reminder, we will never request your Social Security Number, PIN, CVV or one-time passcode by phone, text, or email.


Be Aware Of These Scams

Credit and Debit card fraud are scams people are accustomed to seeing. Fraudsters often request gift cards as payment. NEVER send gift cards if requested.  Some scams going around are:

Sweetheart/Elderly Scam

Congratulations — you met someone new online. Your new-found friend or relationship partner is asking for help with a problem, and they need you to wire or send funds to them. The request will come, so they can come visit you, for an auto repair, their business needing help, or help with their household expenses. If you offer to come visit them, there is always an excuse as to why you can’t meet up. DON’T send them any money. Sending money to a person you have never met face to face but is your “friend” is not really a friend.


Lotteries and sweepstakes

Congratulations — you're notified that you've won a lottery or sweepstakes but first must send funds to pay for fees and taxes on the winnings. DON'T deposit any checks that are purported to be winnings from a lottery or sweepstakes that you don't remember entering. Take time to research any offers you receive over the Internet.

  • Report scams to the FTC. Go to gov/complaint. Your report can help us shut the scammers down.


Recently you have become unemployed, are looking for some part-time work, or are contacted for a job based on a resume you previously posted on an online job site. The work at home scam is when your new “employer” sends you a check for too much money, these funds are to be used to purchase equipment and send the difference back to them. That check is going to bounce, and you are going to be out any funds for purchases of equipment and funds sent back to the fraudster. Valid work from home companies will not send you funds prior to working or ask you to send funds to pay for supplies.

  • Report scams to the FTC. Go to gov/complaint. Your report can help us shut the scammers down.

Stay Vigilant

There are a lot of scammers and fraudsters ready to take your money or your identity. Stay vigilant to protect yourself. Be on the lookout for imposter scams and identity theft schemes. Always use secure websites, especially when divulging sensitive or financial information. We are here to help if you have any questions.


What is Phishing?

Phishing is an extremely prevalent email scam that involves the use of replicas of existing web pages to try to deceive you into entering personal, financial, or password data. Chances are, you have received an unfamiliar or unexpected email asking you to verify personal information over the Internet or urging you to click a link. Cyber criminals often operate falsely under the guise of a familiar entity (such as the IRS or bank). Never let your guard down. And be always highly suspicious of unsolicited communications. We will never ask you verify account information or request your Social Security Number, PIN, CVV or one-time passcode by phone, text, or email.

Other safeguards to help protect you from phishing scams:

  • Beware of any email messages that use a tone of urgency or scare tactics (such as threats to close accounts).
  • Do not respond to email messages asking you to verify personal information.
  • Delete suspicious email messages without opening them. If you open a suspicious email message, DO NOT OPEN ANY ATTACHMENTS OR CLICK ANY LINKS.

If you’ve given a fraudster access to your device

Fraudsters often install “keylogger” programs or apps that capture every keystroke on your computer or mobile device, then forward the information you typed to cyber criminals (such as Social Security Numbers, account and credit card numbers, usernames and passwords, plus other valuable personal data).

If this occurs, you likely may not be aware. To minimize this risk, you should:

  • Turn your device off immediately.
  • Have a professional clean your computer or mobile device completely and update all your passwords.


How to Report Identity Theft

If you’ve become a victim of a phishing scam or identity theft, here are vital steps you should take immediately.

If you’ve given out your credit or debit card information:

  • Report the incident to the card issuer immediately.
  • Cancel your card and open a new one.
  • Review billing statements carefully after the incident.
  • If the statements show unauthorized charges, contact Bayer Heritage FCU immediately.

If you’ve given out your bank account information:

  • Report the theft to the financial institution as quickly as possible.
  • Monitor your account for fraudulent activity.

If your personal information has been compromised:

  • Report ID Theft to 3 major Credit Bureaus.
    • Place an alert on all 3 major credit bureaus.
      • Experian: 888-397-3742
      • Equifax: 888-766-0008
      • TransUnion: 888-680-7289

  • Go to, click on Report Identity Theft, follow steps with questions to report ID Theft.
  • Notify Social Security Administration if your Social Security Number was stolen.
  • Monitor all accounts for a minimum of 12 months for any further suspicious activity.
  • Monitor credit bureaus for the next 12–18 months for any further activity.

Other security precautions if you suspect your personal information is in the wrong hands:

  • Change your password on all other accounts you have that could have been fraudulently accessed — including your email, online payment accounts, and social media accounts you’ve visited.

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