CEO Msg to Members

An Easter Weekend Message to our BHFCU Members


“To give support, confidence, or hope to someone.”

If you’re like me, you can become overwhelmed by the constant COVID-19 updates.  We all have a desire to be “informed”.  Unfortunately, the constant, sobering reports of case numbers and death can be too much to handle.

Encouragement in times like these is like a cool glass of water on a hot summer day. We just can’t get enough!

Lately, I’ve been encouraged by the selfless, positive attitude of your BHFCU staff.  They all have stress they are dealing with but you’d NEVER know it!  They approach their jobs of “member service” with true joy!

Also, YOU, our members, have been absolutely fantastic! Your patience and kindness have been inspiring.  Some have even bought our staff lunch and other treats. Now THAT’S encouragement!

This is the BHFCU culture of integrity, accountability, respect, flexibility, and being a team player on display.

Christians celebrate Good Friday and Easter by remembering the ultimate sacrifice on Calvary and the hope of the resurrection.  Regardless of your faith, your BHFCU Family wishes you peace and ENCOURAGEMENT this season.

Better days are on the horizon!


Robert D "Bob" Burrow, President/CEO
Bayer Heritage Federal Credit Union